Join us in Partnership

Do you have a network but are looking for a reliable broker? Maybe you have a website and are seeking additional opportunities? Or perhaps you are aiming to build your own network of traders? Whatever your circumstances, we’re delighted to extend an invitation to expand together with us. By joining our business model, we can help you to achieve a stable passive income that’s generated from introducing clients to Etiq Markets.

With many years of experience in the industry, we recognise talent when we see it, and we never like to miss an opportunity. We are committed to creating, developing and customising the best and most profitable trading environment for all our partners.

Transparent and Flexible

By partnering with us, you’ll receive access to a Trader’s Cabinet which has the benefit of a full spectrum of functions. This allows you to dynamically overview your network, with live payment updates every minute. Some of the advantages you’ll enjoy includes:

Custom-made IB
Oriented Program
Dedicated Account 
Best IB
Commission Rates
Highest and Fastest

With such a flexible and transparent partnership program your only regret is that you didn’t join us sooner. We’ve already helped many partners to achieve their goals so don’t delay any longer to join a winning team!

Benifits of Being our Partner



Earn a minimum of $10 in commissions for introducing clients to us. Commissions are paid weekly in full. No hidden fees or charges.


Earn Passively

Get paid when your clients trade. The more they trade, the more you earn. We keep it as simple as that.

Financial Security

Get paid anytime, anywhere. Keep track of your earnings live throughout the day. No monthly or weekly pay-outs get paid when a trade is closed.


Increased Revenue

The bigger your network, the more we pay. Being our partner means everything to us, and we appreciate that by giving more back to you and helping you to achieve financial freedom.


24×7 Support

Round the clock professional support to assist you with all your needs. Let us tend to your clients while you continually grow your network with peace of mind.


Marketing Tools

Stay up-to-date with our multi-function and extensive Partner’s Cabinet. Here you can view your network, funding and trading history, and use our custom ready-made promotional links to extend your marketing outreach globally.

Join Us is Fast and Easy!

Become our Partner IB and explore the benefits of our partnership program. Simple and transparent, just as we promised. 

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